Safe and Creative Crypto Launches!

Degen Brands is committed to safe crypto launches, creative concepts, and positive communities. We believe the cryptocurrency industry should be built on trust, transparency, and collaboration.



We've launched the DBRANDS token on the Ethereum network. The goal is to bring more SAFU launches to the ETH community and make Crypto a better place.

We will be selecting community members to lead projects that our DEGEN BRANDS team will construct. The selected community member(s) will be the lead and we will deliver more SAFU launches to the Ethereum network.

CA: 0x6b10c918b54c3fb42e0202769a2697383ebbf1dc

Recent Projects

No project is guaranteed to reach millions or billions in market cap. However, a team can ensure time, effort, and development go into each project. And we strive to do just that, deliver all we can on each project we launch.

And if any numbnuts ask why some of the projects below flatlined, ask the investors who jeet safe projects, not us! We stick with our projects until the end and we put a hell of a lot more time and effort into them than those jeeting for a cheeseburger. Save your ignorant FUD, and weak Etherscan detective skills, for actual scammers!

"The crypto space is a breeding ground of scammers who will use your trusting nature against you to make an easy buck! Stay away from effortless projects; legit teams have hard work behind them."
Owner of Degen Brands